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  • Up to $16,000 payout to your family

  • Up to 50% cheaper than other funeral plans

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Funeral insurance

It’s a difficult time when a loved one passes away, both emotionally and financially. That’s why we offer easy to get funeral insurance, to help ease the financial worry. Funeral insurance is designed to pay a lump sum benefit quickly to your beneficiaries, so the money is on hand to help arrange a funeral and meet final expenses such as unpaid bills and outstanding loans when the time comes.


Why choose Let’s Insure Funeral Cover?

  • Lump sum payment – you can choose a payout of up to $16,0001 to help your family pay for your funeral and other final expenses
  • Easy to get – no health questions, medicals or blood tests
  • Guaranteed acceptance – provided you’re an Australian aged between 18 and 752 years
  • Flexible premium options – choose between Fixed, Stepped or Capped Premium options to suit your needs and budget
  • Fast claims payment – usually within 24 hours of receiving completed paperwork, so the money is there when it’s needed
  • Free cover after 85 – you won’t have to pay any more premiums after age 85, and you can keep your Policy for life
  • Worldwide cover – you’re covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world
  • Optional Early Cash Payout – you can choose to receive an early Cash Payout of 100% of your Funeral and Household Expenses Cover Benefit Amount at age 853


Funeral Insurance optional extras

Let’s Insure Funeral Cover provides cover for your funeral and other final expenses, and for greater peace of mind and added value, you can also add a range of optional extras to your cover.

If you choose a Stepped or Fixed premium option, you can choose to add the following options to your funeral insurance:

  • Household Expenses Cover to help pay monthly expenses such as groceries and bills4
  • Accidental Death Cover which pays an added benefit up to $32,0004 if your death is the direct result of an accident
  • Accidental Death Cover Booster for added protection pays an additional 3 x your Accidental Death Cover amount, up to $96,0004 if your death is the direct result of an accident
  • Accidental Serious Injury Cover up to $32,0004 if you suffer an Accidental Serious Injury to help you on the road to recovery


Flexible premium options

Let’s Insure offers flexible range of premium options to help suit your needs and budget:

  • Stepped Premiums are our lowest premium option, usually starting lower than Fixed and Capped premiums. Stepped Premiums are determined each year at your policy anniversary to reflect your age, so they will increase every year as you get older. This means, the sooner you take out cover, the lower your premium will start.
  • Fixed Premiums give you certainty that your premiums will never increase. Fixed Premiums are determined by your age at the date of policy application and remain the same, i.e. ‘fixed’, each year for as long as you continuously keep your cover. This option can make managing your finances easier.
  • Capped Premiums come with added certainty that your premiums will cease once the premiums you have paid reach your benefit amount, however your cover will continue for life. For easy budgeting, Capped Premiums are also fixed for the life of your policy based on your age at the date of your policy application; however they are higher than Fixed Premiums.


Protection for your whole family

To give you an extra level of comfort, you can apply for a Single Policy or a Family Policy, which includes your Partner and/or any of your or your Partner’s dependent children, and/or any of your relatives. The level of cover for each Life Insured and Insured Child will be shown in your Policy Schedule.
$10,000 cover costs from as little as 47 cents a day 5

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1. Funeral Cover is for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months, then death by any cause thereafter.
2. The maximum age of entry under the Capped Premium option is 70.
3. This benefit is only available under the Stepped Premium option.
4. These benefits are not available under the Capped Premium option.
5. Based on a female non-smoker aged 50 under the Stepped Premium option.
About funeral insurance

About funeral insurance

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