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Note: Let’s Insure Essentials Life Cover is currently unavailable to new applicants.

If you have a current Essentials Life Cover Policy (taken out before 1 March 2018), there will be no change to the terms or benefits and obligations under your policy, provided it is kept in force. Our Customer Care team are happy to assist with any questions you may have. Call us on 1300 499 499 (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email


About Essentials Life Cover

Let’s Insure Essentials Life Cover provides affordable protection in the event of your death, disability and severe illness, and is adaptable to your changing circumstances.

You have the flexibility to choose the benefit you think your family would need - up to $350,000. And as our Essentials Life Cover is an underwritten product, you could also access lower premiums by simply answering a few lifestyle and medical history questions.

Our Essentials Life Cover is affordable and easy to apply for with no paperwork, medicals or blood tests.

$100,000 cover can cost from as little as 19 cents a day or $68 a year1


The benefits of Essentials Life Cover

  • Choose an Essentials Life Cover benefit – from $50,000 up to $350,000 so your loved ones can continue living the life you want for them
  • Family cover available – to protect your partner and any dependent children
  • Advance Funeral Benefit of $16,000 – to assist with your funeral and other final expenses
  • Early payment – on diagnosis of a Terminal Illness
  • Flexible Premiums – choose from Fixed or Stepped Premium options
  • Premiums are free after age 92 – and cover continues for life
  • Automatic cost of living increases – to help your Policy keep up with inflation
  • Add thousands to your final benefit – with our range of optional covers:
    • Accidental Death Cover
    • Children’s Cover
    • Total and Permanent Disability Cover
    • Trauma Cover
  • 30-day cooling-off period – to ensure you’re completely satisfied

Plus, once you’ve held your cover continuously for 3 years, you’ll automatically receive a free Financial Planning Benefit.


What optional extras are available with Essentials Life Cover?

Have greater peace of mind knowing you and your family will receive a lump sum in the event that you or other lives insured suffer:

  • Total and Permanent Disability – depending on your age, you can receive a maximum benefit up to $350,000
  • Trauma – such as any of the ‘big 4’ – Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass, Heart Attack, Stroke - or other serious trauma events. This cover pays a benefit up to $350,000
  • Accidental Death – if you or another life insured suffers an Accidental Death, receive an added benefit up to $300,000
  • Children’s Cover – insure any dependents aged 2 – 18 up to $60,000 if they suffer an Accidental Death or a Childhood Trauma event

Click here for more detailed information or refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.


What are the different Essentials Life Cover premium options?

Stepped Premium option

Generally, your premiums will increase each year as you get older. Plus, as we want you to keep the real monetary value of your chosen Benefit, a 5% Automatic Sum Insured Increase is added annually at your Policy Anniversary to keep up with inflation.
You can choose to opt-out of the Automatic Sum Insured Increase if you wish by contacting us.

Fixed Premium option

Under the Fixed Premium option, once your premium rate is determined during your Policy application, it will remain fixed for the life of your Policy. However, your Benefit Amount will decrease each year to cater for the increased cost of your cover as you age. You will receive an updated Policy Schedule every year to advise you of your Benefit Amount change.
Answer a few health and lifestyle questions
Don’t forget, premiums are free after you reach age 92.


1. Based on a female non-smoker, aged 34.

About Optional Covers

About Optional Covers

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