About funeral insurance


What is funeral insurance?

The death of a loved one is a devastating time for any family. And something that is often overlooked, is putting a plan in place to cover the cost of the funeral. These days, a typical funeral can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $14,000* according to ASIC’s MoneySmart website – when you think about expenses like the burial plot, coffin, flowers, burial or cremation, it all adds up.

Funeral insurance helps your loved ones pay for these funeral costs, so your family can focus on saying goodbye the way they want, not worrying about how they are going to find thousands of dollars at what could be short notice.

With Let’s Insure Funeral Insurance, you pay a regular premium, and the policy pays a lump sum benefit to your family when you pass away. What’s more, with Let’s Insure Funeral Insurance you also have the flexibility to spend the benefit however you choose, so you aren’t locked in.


Who should have funeral insurance?

None of us know what lies around the corner, that’s why it is important to think about how your family would cope if anything should happen to you. When the time comes we all want our family to be left with happy memories, not unpaid bills.

That’s why anyone who doesn’t want their family to have to struggle to find the money to pay for their funeral, and other final expenses should consider funeral insurance.


How does Let's Insure Funeral Insurance work?

With Let's Insure Funeral Insurance, you simply choose the cover that’s right for you and your family:

  • Select the level of funeral cover you think your family would need to help pay for your funeral and other final expenses;
  • Choose which optional covers will suit your and your family’s individual needs to meet ongoing household expenses and provide additional protection against an accident; and
  • Choose who you’d like to cover – yourself and/or any family members.

It’s that simple!


Is it easy to get funeral insurance?

It only takes a few minutes to get protected with Let’s Insure Funeral Insurance. To make things as easy as possible for you, there are no health questions, medicals or blood tests and what’s more, policy acceptance is guaranteed if you’re an Australian Resident aged between 18 and 75 years of age.


*”Paying for your funeral” ASIC’s MoneySmart, https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/life-events-and-you/over-55s/paying-for-your-funeral, last updated 17 May 2016.


Funeral insurance FAQs

Funeral insurance FAQs

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Funeral insurance FAQs
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